Monthly Archives: May 2014

Welcome to our fancy pants new blog!

Hello Elf Owls!

Welcome to our new blog! (Ohh, la, la! Fancy!)

Over the next few weeks I will upload lots of different things for you to have a look at and the exciting part is that you will be able to post on our blog as well, both at home and in school!

We shall all have a try in school this week!

There are some blog ‘Golden Rules’:

1. Only ever use your first name. (We all know who you are so we don’t need all your name)

2. We only ever post ‘nice’ things on the blog – this is our chance to share our work, comment on how well everyone is doing and to work together!

3. Don’t tell anyone our password – (except maybe Mum or Dad if they’re helping you log in)


Keep checking back to see if I, or anyone else, has added something new!