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No title


Click on the questions to hear the answers. We have been carrying out some secondary research (that’s research that someone else has done) in books and online!



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We’ve been interrogating leaflets!

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I need your help!


Hello Elf Owls,

My name is Aoife the vet. I have heard from Mr Hardy that the character in your book has found a little bird that has been injured. We have had lots of injured birds here at my vets surgery recently, and I have been working very hard to help get them better. I have sent you a leaflet which shows you ‘How to look after a bird’. It should arrive any day now.

However I have a problem. This week, someone has brought a frog, a fox and a field mouse into the surgery and I have no idea how to look after them. This is where I need your help. I want you to create some leaflets for my vets surgery that tell everyone how to look after frogs, foxes and field mice. As the winter nights get darker and colder many more animals need our help.

I hope you can do this job for me and I can’t wait to show everyone who comes into my vets surgery your leaflets.

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Can’t guess think them elf owls are really coming up with some great ideas . See you all in the morning

Clue Number 3!

So this is it.. you have had some good guesses and I can tell you some of you are very close.

My final clue is:



See you all bright and early in the morning for the next section of our text.

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New Topic

I think it’s something to do with a kind of bird. They look like footprints of a bird.


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New topic

Wow! I think you are all coming up with some excellent ideas about the new topic. I don’t know what it is but Mr Hardy is definitely making it tricky😚 . Mrs Knight

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Clue number 2



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Clue number 1


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I am on the blog hooray Mrs smith

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