Month: April 2016

Another Amazing Alien!

Today we had another of our fantastic Elf Owls bring in an alien that they had created at home! I think you will agree that it looks fabulous. Great effort – Well done 🙂

DSC01588 DSC01589


A fun morning in the Planetarium!

This morning we had a special visitor! Richard from Polestar Planetariums came to our school to put on a special planetarium show! The dome was set up in the hall and we were very excited. We went inside and it was very dark. The show was fantastic and we learnt alot about planets, stars and space!



DSC01581 DSC01584 DSC01586



Problem Solving!

This morning we worked so hard in maths completing some problem solving questions. We needed to use everything that we had learnt about fractions to help us to answer the questions! We all worked really hard and tried our best. Well done Elf Owls 🙂


DSC01569 DSC01570 DSC01571 DSC01572 DSC01573 DSC01574

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Fantastic Homework!

These super stars have had a go at designing their own alien for their homework challenge. They are all fabulous and I am so impressed with the effort that you have put in. Well done 🙂

DSC01561 DSC01562 DSC01563 DSC01564 DSC01565 DSC01567


Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

Today we had a great time celebrating the Queen’s 90’th birthday. The Elf Owl’s had a very creative morning making crowns, flags and placemats. This afternoon we had a tea party in the classroom to celebrate! The Elf Owl’s looked fantastic dressed up in clothes from different decades. Well done everybody! I hope you’ve enjoyed this special day 🙂

A big thank you to Mrs Smith for all her help today and for making the buns and sandwiches!

DSC01560 DSC01549 DSC01551 DSC01556 DSC01558 DSC01559

Letters to the Alien Schoolboy!

Earlier this week we received a strange and rather mysterious letter from the Alien Schoolboy! He told us that he had been to visit our planet and he was very confused about what he saw. He asked us lots of questions about our planet and our school. We decided to write back to him to answer his questions. We asked him questions too! We are hoping that he replies to our letters next week! Here are some examples of the excellent letters that the Elf Owl’s have written. We will put more onto the blog next week when the children finish them. Well done everybody!

DSC01452 DSC01453 DSC01454 DSC01455 DSC01456 DSC01457 DSC01458 DSC01459



We have just sent our first tweet on our class twitter page. We have sent a tweet to Ros Asquith the author of our new book ‘Letters from an Alien Schoolboy’. We hope she tweets back! 🙂

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Our New Text!

This half term we will be reading ‘Letters from an Alien Schoolboy’ by R.L.Asquith. We read the first few pages last week and we are really enjoying  it. Lots of the work that we will do this half term will be based on the book and we can’t wait to get stuck in 🙂

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Place Value

Today we have been looking back at the work that we did at the start of the year on place value.  We used the base ten equipment to represent different 2 digit numbers. We all worked really well together and lots of dojo points were given out for fantastic teamwork. Well done Elf Owls – Keep it up 🙂

DSC01422DSC01420 DSC01419 DSC01418 DSC01417 DSC01416 DSC01414

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Amazing Artwork!

Today we looked at the famous painting ‘A Starry Night’ by the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We looked carefully at the detail in the painting and discussed the style that Van Gogh had used. We then had a go at recreating our own ‘Starry Night’ pictures using different media & materials. Everyone tried so hard and we produced some fantastic artwork. Well done Elf Owls!

DSC01384 DSC01385 DSC01386 DSC01387 DSC01388 DSC01389 DSC01391 DSC01392 DSC01393 DSC01394 DSC01395 DSC01396 DSC01397 DSC01398 DSC01399 DSC01400 DSC01401 DSC01402

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