We loved dressing up on Wednesday in RE








What an amazing trip!

The children have been real super stars on our trip to Cannon Hall and you should be very proud! We had so much fun seeing the farm animals, reptiles, Santa, a tractor ride and on the play areas! More pictures to follow!





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Cannon Hall Farm

Please arrive in school at normal time- will are getting picked up at 9.15am! The children need to be in their school uniform but wearing sensible shoes- trainers or walking boots (no wellies please as the rules state they will not be allowed on the play equipment. Please ensure the children are wrapped up warm as the priority of the day will be spent outside. If you have not ordered a school grab bag then please remember to send your child with their packed lunch. We have a fun packed day planned and we are very excited- the children will be home for the normal time.

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We are story writers

Today the children have been busy writing stories and they are coming along nicely. The children have been using expanded noun phrases to make their writing more exciting! You could help your child understand story structures and improve their language by reading lots of stories at home! In maths we have been identifying money and we can name all the coins and notes we have in England and they have been adding different amounts to find totals- when you’re shopping you could ask your child to help you add different amounts. Thank you for your continued support!

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As scientists this week we’ve being learning to classify animals. We’ve learnt these animal groups and their characteristics.




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Book talk

Look at the children all reading looking for things in their books. They have been looking for asking questions, problem solving and language! Super work today guys.



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Wow what a busy week

The Elf owls have worked tirelessly this week completing some assessments. I feel very proud of their hard work and they have all tried very hard. Today we became Bob- the man on the moon and we have written a letter recounting his day. Well done Elf owls! Next week we will be starting to rehearse our Christmas play- let the fun begin!

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5 minute sketch story

Every week I will give the children 5 words that they need to creatively use in a short story. We will then look at how differently we’ve each used the words. I will blog the words and some stories to see how creative you can be with the words. We did the story together today- can you write a story with the following 5 words.



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Children in need

We were very excited to come to school in our pyjamas today!






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We pledge to be upstanders

Today we thought about the role bystanders have when someone is being bullied. In Elf owls we know it’s not cool to be a bully but we don’t want to be a bystander either! We’ve decided on 4 tricks to change from being a bystander to an upstanders!
1. If we see someone being bullied we might go up to them and be their friend (bullies don’t expect their victims to have friends).
2. If we see someone being bullied we can go over and interrupt and take the attention away from the bully.
3. Speak out and say hey that’s mean don’t say that!
4. Tell someone!

If we can be an upstanders we can do our bit to stop bullying and be a friend to someone who really needs it.

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